Featured Functionalities

Discussion Board:

The transition from military to civilian life can be incredibly stressful and uncertain. A forum where a Veteran can ask Questions to his/her fellow Veterans and receive information from a diverse group. The response is not just limited to fellow Veterans, the app has Attorneys, Physicians, IT Specialists, Realtors, and other professionals designated to respond to the Questions on topics they specialize in. Physicians, attorneys, and other specialists can be followed by other Veterans for future posts.
One On One Chat:
A Live Chat Functionality where you can directly send message to your fellow Veteran.

Jobs & Careers:

Veterans always struggle with career placement after they’re discharged or retired. Looking for employment after many years of stable employment can be stressful. While unemployment is currently low, timing is a key factor as well as qualification and experience. Having the right information at the right time can fill the gap between Jobseekers and Employers. Our VP Career Platform allows employers to post their opening and veterans can’t apply for those job and build your resume through the vets portal system.

Social Media Interaction:

Many veterans are reluctant to have their Social Media profiles exposed and this often results in narrowed Social Circle. At Vets Portal you can find your fellow veterans and creates posts to tell your life stories and experiences.

Veterans News Alert:

With the world changing like never before, it’s inevitable to have a platform where exclusive news for veterans. This information is relayed as needed and can cover topics from DOD, VA or general news from any branch of service.

Push Notifications:

Receive Push Notification within few minutes to alert all veterans of some development to be aware of during any critical situation. This could be anything from special occasions to serious matters like inclement weather, pandemic, wars or national emergencies.

Disability Rating:

As per research 30% of Veterans have disabilities because of their military service. Twenty two of our brothers or sisters commit suicides daily. Many veterans don’t know how to apply for veterans’ disability compensation or mental health care benefits. Many veterans are unsure if they are eligible and unaware mental health care benefits/programs and medical treatment provided by the VA. At Vets Portal, we believe a proper platform can assist with veterans disability rating, finding the answers to complex questions, reduce frustration, and help all veterans learn of their entitlements.

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